The company

Serveis Medi Ambientals de Balears S.L. was created in the summer of 2010
as a limited company, based on the firm Cortafuegos Balear, which began operating on the islands in spring of 2006.

At that time, we started out with a clearly forestry-orientated vocation, geared in particular towards helping our clients to protect their estates and homes from the constant threat of forest fires. 
But the extensive variety of demand for different jobs made us diversify our operations and broaden the range of services we offer.

Today our company offers a wide range of services within the sphere of forestry, rural and urban operations.

Our commitment to the environment and the preservation and improvement of it, along with sustainability and quality of life, are the backdrop to and the ultimate goal of our work.

Reliability, efficiency, quality in the performance of tasks and speed are the traits that characterise us. 
We provide imagination, involvement and experience in order to make complex, difficult challenges feasible.

All of the clients who have trusted us, whether they be companies or institutions, have now become our friends.

Do not hesitate to consult us regarding your requirements. Finding solutions is our speciality.


Fajas Auxiliares y Cortafuegos


Paisajismo y Restauración de Ecosistemas

Poda de arbolado

Trabajos verticales y Poda de altura

Tratamientos Fitosanitarios

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